Useful links

While I am not an expert on same-sex conception, pregnancy and parenting, I have come across some interesting and useful web resources in the last year or so.

Free Sperm Donors Worldwide. There are other similar sites available, but this is the one we used. We found it to be really helpful. Lots of legal advice, templates of paperwork that might be of use, and of course, we found our donor through the site.  It's not expensive to join, and as long as you are sensible, it is a good way to find a donor.  Always remember though, not everyone acts totally out of altruism. Be sure before you go head with anything. Use your judgement!

NHS Direct. Ok, perhaps this is a 'no brainer', but there is *so* much information online about pregnancy, conception and childbirth, and lots of conflicting advice. NHS Direct provides accurate, detailed and reasonable advice. You won't find any scare mongering here, but you will find guidance and links to local services.

Bounty. Great for advice and offers and finding out where you are in your pregnancy.

Baby Centre. Another great site for info and advice. This was recommended to us by a friend of ours who is a midwife.

Pride Angel. This was a useful site in terms of purchasing the necessary equipment and getting general tips on conception and artificial insemination.

Call the Midwife. Ok, not a resource as such, but a heartwarming TV programme about giving birth!


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