Tuesday, 26 February 2013

So, what *do* you do when the sperm donor comes round?

The first time our sperm donor came over to our home to make his donation, we ran round tidying up and anxiously tried to work out where he would like to provide his sample. It was a toss up (apologies) between the spare room and the bathroom. We got our special wide rimmed specimen pot ordered online ready and sat on the sofa nervously.

When Fred (not his real name) arrived, we talked slightly nervously, before asking where he would like to 'do it'. He opted for the spare room. We gave him the plastic container and watched him disappear down the hall. The door shut and there was silence. In fact there was far too much silence. What if we heard him 'donating'?! I immediately put on a CD and R went into the kitchen to empty the dishwasher, wondering if we should have provided him with some 'reading' material.

After about 15 minutes Fred re-emerged, having left the sample on the bedside cabinet. I offered him tea and a biscuit - I felt it was only right. That's what they do when you give blood right? He declined the offer politely and went on his way, wishing us luck.

It was at this point that the technical bit started. I was in charge of the sperm, so I collected it and wrapped the pot in tissue. It is important it doesn't get too hot or cold. It is best when left for about half an hour. I suspect this is deeply scientific, but don't ask me why! Then, well, it's about insertion. The most important piece of equipment you will ever need is a sense of humour...

We were fortunate to get pregnant after just a few months. On the last donation Fred apologised for there being 'less than usual'. I immediately reassured him that it was still infinitely more than I would be able to produce...


  1. As we did home AI, where did u read to leave sperm for hour? That is not correct, sperm can live outside the body for hour after that chances of conceving drop considerally alot. Best thing to do is soon as you get the sperm to insert it inside the person TTC, you have a higher chances of pregnancy that way.

  2. But as you have a child Im sure your method works just the same. *

  3. Yes, I was surprised by the advice too, but we got it from Pride Angel:

    Collecting semen (sperm) sample
    The sample of semen should be put into the sample pot, and allowed to settle for a minimum of 15 minutes after ejaculation to allow the sample to liquefy. Semen samples are best kept at room temperature, ideally around 22 degrees, to prevent the sperm from degrading. It is best to keep the sample pot insulated by wrapping in tissue, this maintains an even temperature and prevents damage. Do not try to keep the semen too warm especially at hotter times of the year, as this tends to cause the sperm to die off faster than if left at room temperature.
    Keep the container the right way up so that the sperm collect at the bottom and the fluid gathers at the top. This will ensure that the fluid precedes the sperm when it is injected (the sperm need the fluid to enable them to swim).

  4. We used the sperm immediately (or as close as) too but I have read a number of posts that suggest leaving the sperm for sometime before insemination.

    It's a funny old process but imagine doing all this with a toddler in the house!