Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Eight months pregnant: how did that happen?!

Oh how time verily flies when you are busier than Father Christmas during the Festive season... Yes, that's right, R is now eight months pregnant and we are just four and a half weeks from the due date. 

What have we been up to? Where have we been? You may well ask... (Actually you may not, but I'll tell you anyway.)

We have explored the delights of being the only same-sex couple in our antenatal class. I must say though, it was well worth it. What I don't know about the three phases of labour (yes, count them, three) isn't worth knowing. We were then the only same-sex couple in the breast feeding class. Scratch that, we were the only couple. I felt for the rest of the mums to be, all alone. I got to practice with a doll and everything! That bit was good. The slightly fascist breast feeding teacher was a bit much to take. The general message seemed to be 'breastfeed or die'. Now while I agree that it is ideal, it really isn't the be all and end all. 

We have also (whisper it) moved! Yes, that's right, seven weeks before R's due date we moved out of our two bedroomed flat into a three bedroomed house. It has been hard work - see image to get an idea of what I've mostly been doing - but it has been well worth it. We now have a garden and a room just for baby. 

The birthing bag is now packed and we are, sort of, ready. Obviously I realise that no one is ever really ready, but we've done all we can.

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