Sunday, 15 September 2013

Our new bedtime regime

New baby means new challenges. To start with, R is still recovering from her C section, which means that she has been sporting a rather fetching pair of surgical stockings. They are fiendishly hard to get on, and because of her wound (which is healing really well) I've been chief stocking putter-onner and taker-offer. She also came home from hospital with five pre-prepared injections to stave off DVT, along with a sharps bin. After about 30 seconds training from a nurse, I was let loose on my wife with a syringe. That was a bit scary. I'm generally quite a squeamish person, but given that last week I sat in on R's operation, an injection or two seemed less of a big deal!

M wasn't sure about sleeping in her cot to start with. Last night we discovered that she settles much more easily if we carry on talking. If we are all to sleep though, this isn't really sustainable! In the end I found an old Victoria Wood cassette to play her which did the trick. The things you learn...

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