Monday, 11 November 2013

Things they don't tell you about parenthood

In the run up to having a baby, there seems to be so much that people don't tell you about parenting. There are books, and everyone has advice, but there are critical gaps... For example, I never knew:

  1. How much I want to cry myself every time my baby cries for more than about 10 minutes in one go
  2. How long something needs to go in boiling water before it is properly sterile
  3. How you can manage to keep it sterile given that everything else in the household is not - including me and the baby
  4. Baby books are full of 'advice' about sleeping which bears no resemblance to real babies and how they behave
  5. Ditto the above re feeding
  6. Ditto the above re crying
  7. There is absolutely no rational way to parent
  8. Babies continue to be an absolute joy, no matter how much of the other rubbish goes on
  9. I have no idea what I did with my time before my daughter was born
  10. I am so very lucky. A report last week gave the statistic that 1 in 133 babies in England don't survive past a week old. A shocking figure, and one that I have witnessed to be true through the experiences of others. 

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