Thursday, 21 May 2015

20 months later...

Our lovely girl is now 20 months old, and we have been through all sorts of remarkable developments in recent times:

Moving from a cot to a bed - and consequently re-doing sleep training :/
Moving from a high chair to a tiny chair - because she kept climbing out and walking off
Counting from one to ten - not necessarily the right order
Learning colours - but sometimes insisting everything is lellow
Saying no to everything
Hurling herself on the floor and screaming - while I tiptoe away to make a cup of tea
Demanding toast for tea and then looking affronted when we suggest she actually sits down and eats it...

Yes, it's true. We now have a toddler. And I love it!

Having a baby is lovely, but a toddler is so much more fun, if messier (yes, that is possible).

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