Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Time for a babymoon.

Yes, it's true, a 'babymoon' is a thing. What is usually a holiday and occasionally a honeymoon is called a babymoon if you do it just before your baby is born apparently.

We're off on Friday to somewhere suitably warm and continental to celebrate our last sunshine and lounging in the sun holiday before the baby arrives. R will be 27 weeks pregnant, so our last chance to fly before the magical 28 week cut off when airlines refuse to take pregnant women in case they pop in mid air. Or something like that...

I'm really looking forward to our week away. We've already started talking about next year's holidays, which will be a very different affair, for all the right reasons. For now though, I am looking forward to sleeping, drinking, eating, reading and generally enjoying peace and quiet. 

And yes, I *know* I should enjoy it while it lasts - that's the point!

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