Monday, 20 May 2013

Baby stuff is taking over my life: Part 1

I made a terrible mistake yesterday. 

Rather than spending a sunny afternoon in the local park, appreciating peace and quiet with my new wife while I still can, I went to the NEC for the Baby Show.  I can safely say I have never seen so much mind-boggling baby stuff at the same time as so many determined parents and parents-to-be. You've never known fear until someone has walked towards you at pace, pushing a pram laden with organic, home made, personalised nappies...

We did manage to get a few things in preparation for the arrival of our daughter though, which was good. But, ultimately, I think the most productive baby thing we did this weekend was chat to our baby. I put my head by R's tummy and could hear little pops and gurgles as our baby wriggled around.  It was amazing! I am growing to suspect that this is more helpful than running around trying to buy baby stuff...

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