Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Attack of the germ fairy

I can safely say that the last two weeks have been thoroughly miserable. Poor M started it off with a nasty cold. The snot fest was quite spectacular, and after a few days she started a quite terrifying wheeze and cough. In the end I braved a two hour wait at the local walk-in GP surgery last Saturday morning. The doctor was dismissive to start with - he clearly thought I was behaving like a neurotic mum. Thankfully though once he'd listened to her chest he agreed all was not well and prescribed antibiotics. I was thoroughly relieved, especially as her temperature went up that afternoon. 

As she started to feel better, both me and R began to come down with the same nasty virus. In fact, less than a week later I was back at the same out of hours clinic with a bad asthma attack. R and M came with me because I wasn't well enough to go alone, even though it was late in the evening. The doctor however seemed less than sympathetic. She seemed to overlook the fact that I was struggling to breath and told me I was fine. She asked who R and M were, so I explained that R was my wife and M was my daughter. She furrowed her brow, and then referred to me as R's husband. I didn't have the breath or energy to contradict, but R did, explaining that I was also a wife! The doctor simply stated then that we were lesbians and that seemed to be the end of the matter for her - although not before telling us our daughter really ought to have a hat on. Never mind the fact that we were in a stuffy surgery...

M thankfully is now fully recovered, and R is well on the way to recovery herself. I'm slowly improving too, but I can safely say that all of us being ill at the same time has been utterly awful. 

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