Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter - new life!

Easter is a very evocative time for me. A marking of death and sacrifice, and celebration of new life. In just 22 weeks, all being well, our little baby will be born. New life in our little family.

I remember childhood Easters in Cornwall with my sister, parents and Grandparents, in an old house where the plugs had round pins rather than square ones. This Easter is without question less sunny than those ones!

Our baby is going to be lucky, as it will have three full sets of grandparents. We have decided against being too precious about who is or is not 'officially' a grandparent - we certainly can't do it purely along bloodlines. All three sets of grandparents-to-be are excited to meet the new arrival and I am safe in the knowledge that my parents feel as much involved with this pregnancy as with my sister's.

So, as is now tradition, I must say that by this time next Easter, our baby will be six months old!

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