Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Top ten comments on discovering you are expecting a baby

When you discover that a friend is expecting a baby, what do you say? Think carefully, and then read the comments below. These are the ones that R and I now have stock answers for...

  1. Well, that will change your life forever. Yes, marvellous, thank you for that, we hadn't realised...
  2. Is it a boy or a girl? We don't know yet.
  3. Will you find out? Yes, but we don't mind either way.
  4. Well, make the most of any sleep you get now, in a few months you won't get any. Excellent, that's very helpful. Thank you.
  5. When is it due? September.
  6. Did you have IVF? This is one for those of us who don't have an obvious man in our lives. The answer is no.
  7. Ooh, children are a gift aren't they? Yes they are. But I am not sure I need to hear that phrase ever again.
  8. Let me tell you about my traumatic/unpleasant/painful/tragic childbirth story... No, please don't.
  9. To R when she is feeling ghastly: Oh you look really well. Nope, she's not, she feels like death warmed up. Thanks though.
  10. Will you move to a bigger place? No - having a child is hard work enough without moving house too. 
I am tempted now to refer everyone to this link. Yes, I know I sound churlish. In fact I am totally guilty of some of the above myself. Perhaps we could come up with some alternatives?

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