Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My baby's heart beat

I heard my baby's heart beat on Monday. It was extraordinary. Every now and again between the rhythmic beats there were little pops and clicks. They were the sound of our little tyke wriggling around.

I've been thinking very much about our child today. I've had a shockingly bad day at work, and R reminded me that there are much more important things to think about - such as our baby. She's right. In just five months I will have a son or daughter. Really, compared to a bad day at work, that's just incredible. It's fascinating how quickly priorities change isn't it?

Only three weeks now until our 20 week scan where the midwife will check for any problems and also, hopefully, tell us if we are expecting a boy or a girl. We do want to know, although we really don't have a preference. I can't wait to find out, but of course then we will face the inevitable name discussions...

So, now, when things get tough at work, I'm going to think again about my baby's heart beat.


  1. I completely agree with what you say. In my experience that feeling just gets stronger as baby grows.

    I also found that life got easier in many ways as I no longer spend large amounts of time mulling over decisions such as job changes, house moves etc as all I need to consider now is what is in DD's best interest.

    Have you considered sharing the maternity leave? It worked out really well for us and enabled both of us to have time alone with DD to build our own individual relationship with her.

  2. It's something we're considering, but we're trying to keep an open mind for now... :)